The Parsed Corpus of
Middle English Poetry (PCMEP)

PCMEP Text Information

The PCMEP currently includes 52 Middle English poems. The table below summarizes the approximate date of composition and word count for each of them. Click on a poem name for philological details on the text.

Text Name Estimated Date Word Count
The Grave 1150200
Body and Soul 11602781
Pater Noster 11701906
Poema Morale 11754080
The Proverbs of Alfred 11803095
Lord as Thou art one God 11952910
A Good Orison of Our Lady 12051501
Meidan Maregrete 12152915
Wise Admonitions 1225823
Bestiary 12254259
Fragment of a Mary Passion 1230256
A Prisoner's Prayer 1230212
The Assumption of the Virgin 12401540
Maximian 12401338
The Harrowing of Hell 12401461
The Passion of Our Lord 12456249
A Lutel Soth Sermun 1245438
The Owl and the Nightingale 125010941
Penitence for Wasted Life 1250394
The Eleven Pains of Hell 12501610
Love Ron 12501274
Debate between Body and Soul 12551197
Saint Eustace 12552320
Saint Brendan 12608511
Joseph and Jacob 12654605
Saint Juliana 12652529
Dame Sirith 12702539
The Thrush and the Nightingale 12701108
King Horn 12756953
The Fox and the Wolf 12751816
A Metrical Treatise on Dreams 12851736
Havelok the Dane 129017394
The Song of the Husbandman 1297604
The Land of Cokaygne 13001081
Kyng Alisaunder 130045881
The Legend of Frideswide 13051884
The Execution of Sir Simon Fraser 13061550
Adam Davy's Five Dreams 13081155
Amis and Amiloun 131515325
The Life of Saint Marina 13201384
An Orison of the Five Joys 1320560
The Simonie 13254476
Nicodemus 134010397
The Dispute between Mary and the Cross 13503237
11 Poems by Laurence Minot 13526664
How to Hear Mass 13554043
Wynnere and Wastoure 13604743
The Death of Edward III 1377817
The Siege of Jerusalem 138010496
Sir Cleges 13953384
The Bird with Four Feathers 14001508
The Letter of Cupid 14023522
Total: 223602